CBWD laptop mockup CBWD

The Brief

I finally got around to it! An unexpected surgery afforded me the time off to get to the long-delayed CBWD website redesign. Primary goals included dedicated case study pages (instead of the measly owl carousel blurb) and the implemenation of condensed CSS and JS files.

CBWD home page full CBWD home page full
CBWD website tablet CBWD website tablet CBWD website phone

The Approach

I stumbled upon new techniques in the process of building this site, including dynamic animate-on-scroll functions and custom cursors that I think give the site a more modern feel. Despite some of the giant image sizes, I've cut down on load times by using separate mobile and desktop images with lazy load functionality. The mix-blend mode property allows the navigation items to show regardless of the background color.

CBWD mobile montage CBWD mobile montage
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