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The Brief

Moving Light Dance is a dance school and studio located in Montpelier, Vermont famous for their annual adaptation and production of "The Nutcracker", held each December at the Barre Opera House.

Christine Harris, the company's founder and director, struggled to operate an outdated Wordpress site that had become slow, bloated and unresponsive. She initially approached me to see if I could add mobile compatibility to the site but soon realized that a full redesign and redevelopment would be necessary. Primary goals were to reduce clutter, present information and links in an easy-to-understand way and improve overall UX by building a mobile-first site that works well under any viewport.

Moving Light Dance home page full Moving Light Dance home page full
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The Approach

What began as a minor project of tweaks and adjustments turned into a full-scale reimagining of the Moving Light Dance website. Whereas the old site had hardly any photos, the new site features collages of images that draw the user in. And while the old site presented information as an explosion of links scattered across the landing page, the new site organizes navigation items in a clear and comprehensive manner so dancers and parents can easily locate the information they're looking for.

I incorporated an "Upcoming Events" tab that presents dates and pertinent information in an easily accessible and apparent way. A collapsable information bar alerts users of pressing dates and deadlines at a glance.

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