Some of my latest projects.


Jennifer Kiel Structural Harmony

Jennifer Kiel wanted a more dynamic site than the cookie-cutter template she was provided with by her initial host. I constructed a responsive theme from scratch using Bootstrap media queries as a guide. Jennifer maintains and edits her site using SurrealCMS.

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Diana Lee 1 Diana Lee 2

Diana Da In Lee

Diana Lee was looking for a basic, no-frills professional portolio to highlight her academic background and accomplishments. I hand coded this template using Bootstrap grids. Diana maintains and edits her site using SurrealCMS.

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Nahant SWIM 1 Nahant SWIM 2

Nahant SWIM

Nahant S.W.I.M. (Safer Waters in Massachusetts), is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that works to keep the waters around Mass. clean for future generations. Working in tandem with board executives Vi Patek and Alice Cort, I created a simple, responsive template that accentuates the organization's goals and needs.

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Vermont State Parks 1 Vermont State Parks 2

Vermont State Parks

Vermont State Parks' old website was outdated and built using tables and inline CSS. Working with the department's marketing head, I created and utilized a bootstrap-powered template that is intuitive and easy to use.

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Agatewood 1 Agatewood 2

Agatewood Strategies

Agatewood writes and implements LEED-certified sustainability strategies for a variety of organizations and institutions. Principal Dave Low came to me looking for a professional website that would be easy to manage. I bounced some template ideas off him and then created this modified WP theme.

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Agrin Health 1 Agrin Health 2

Agrin Health E-Biography

I coded and helped design the login, setup and dashboard screens for a Nashville-based health startup.

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Adventureland 1 Adventureland 2


This travel blog site is hard-coded and based upon a Squarespace theme. Fixed-positioning parallax effects and hover transitions give it a dynamic feel. (HTML, CSS, jQuery)

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My professional portfolio is hard coded using specialized hover effects, css transitions and clip masks. (HTML, CSS, jQuery)