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About CBWD


CBWD is a one-man design/development operation bringing the latest trends and best practices in responsive web design and development to local Vermont businesses and beyond.

I build products from the ground up that are fully customized and specialized to match a client's goals and vision. Primary tools include Bootstrap, jQuery and vanilla HTML5 coupled with the growing dynamism and capabilities of CSS3. All sites are integrated into a third party content management system (CMS), which affords clients the ability to easily edit and maintain their sites without having to learn any coding languages.

Whether you're an employer, a recruiter, a co-founder, or a fellow developer, contact me to discuss collaborating on a project.

The Process


Designing and building successful web applications is a collaborative process that demands frequent communication between client and developer.

I build websites from the ground up. While I often use Wordpress or Squarespace themes as inspiration, all sites are hand-coded. This template-free approach allows me the flexibility to customize designs and layouts to fit a client's specific needs, rather than vice versa.

All projects begin with an exploratory phase, whereupon I meet with a prospective client to understand his or her goals and vision. This often involves asking basic questions such as:

  • Why do you want a website?
  • What do you hope to achieve with your website?
  • Do you foresee making frequent edits in the future?

After gathering, compiling and sorting this information I enter a collaborative design/develpoment hybrid phase. I consult with the client to discuss potential theme ideas and then begin the build. Clients have access to a subdomain where I build the developmental site, and feedback is encouraged.

After the design and development process is completed, the final step is to integrate the site into my CMS, and then to turn over control entirely to the client.


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